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Med Lab Entrepreneurship Forum


Saturday 13 May 2017
Keynote by a famous entrepreneur or leader
Panel 1: BUILDING THE NEXT GENERATION OF ENTREPRENEURS: The future of entrepreneurship is in the hands of young people. They are the ones who will take over after the massive retirements that will hit the economy in the years to come. They will imagine and implement new solutions to the immense economic, social and environmental challenges facing humanity. They are the ones who will lead the businesses of tomorrow.
Building the New Generation of Entrepreneurs requires defining the foundations of the New Generation Entrepreneurship to enable the entrepreneur to enter into a positive dynamic, to acquire the knowledge, knowledge and experience necessary to build Enterprises with a strong economic and social impact. Will the new generation entrepreneur be a madman, an "old school" entrepreneur, ready to sacrifice everything to succeed? Or does he want to be an "alchemist" and a "creator" of wealth for him and others, mindful of his body and mind, with a balanced life and rich relationships with his loved ones, and passions other than his business ?
Discussion Panel 2: THE FUTURE IS IT: BUSINESS WOMAN LEADERSHIP: How can investing in women affect the growth of the economy? How do companies owned and managed by women behave in terms of stability and security for investors? How to build on the successes of other women entrepreneurs? From coaching to financing, how do they put every chance on their side to succeed in their entrepreneurial project? What are these women entrepreneurs who have had the audacity to free themselves from the rules, to realize their dreams and take everything in their path? How do they succeed in convincing employees and investors to follow them? What are the keys to their success and development?
Session: Award ceremony (AGR and SME projects)
Discussion Panel 3: PLANTING, REBOUNDING, SUCCEING ... MY ENTREPRENEUR'S LIFE: Young entrepreneurs will share their experiences as entrepreneurs, their failures, their successes. They will also testify to their entrepreneurial practices.
Discussion Panel 4: INSPIRING THE NEXT GENERATION OF ECO-ENTREPRENEURS (GREEN ENTREPRENEURS): Exploitation of the ecological lode is at the heart of GDP growth in many countries. The ecological discourse has come into force in recent years, reflecting the concern of public opinion about the fate of our land. Are the business world and environmental imperatives reconcilable? How to overcome the challenges of the sector? Is there a lack of skills in production or in the company? Especially with the difficulties to obtain financing? What can governments do or not do? What would eco-entrepreneurship look like in the future, given population growth?
Gala dinner
Sunday 14 May 2017
Keynote by a famous entrepreneur or leader
Panel 5: CROWDFUNDING AND ALTERNATIVE FINANCING: FOR WHOM? WHY ? HOW: For some, the banking system is not suitable for financing start-ups. For others it can not meet the needs of innovative entrepreneurs. New tools for access to capital are now increasingly available to entrepreneurs from the early stages of their business development. The omnipresence of digital in our daily lives upsets our old landmarks. The speed and simplicity that have resulted has led to the appearance of many Fintech companies which today offer alternative solutions to conventional financing. What are the main benefits of alternative financing? How can they be linked to other forms of financing? Which companies are they targeting? When to use?
Discussion Panel 6: FIND THE FINANCING THAT YOU LOOKS FOR! : What's your profile ? What are your expectations and perspectives? What are the different sources of funding you can use? Expert Tips and Entrepreneurs to Finance Your Business Successfully! When they turn to banks for financial support, they rarely get satisfaction. Is it a global problem or is it more acute in developing countries? Are banks conservative by nature or is it only in some countries? What should donors do to support investment partners?
Discussion Panel 7: TECHNOLOGY, LEVER FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP: What role can technology play in catalyzing entrepreneurship and accelerating business growth? How do technologies break down business models and determine how new companies emerge, develop and become global companies? What are the determinants that influence the internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises? How to study and evaluate the business environment and then determine the importance of developing and promoting entrepreneurship through the use of technology to enable SMEs to develop a competitive position in the international market? What are the factors necessary for business expansion, in line with the challenges of overcoming resource gaps? What is the current situation of SMEs in Morocco and the challenges they face as they face an increasingly competitive business environment? What factors need to be addressed before SMEs can consider achieving international growth, particularly the use of technology?
Keynote Closing
Closure of the program: Conference summary, Statistics, Impact, Photos




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