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Youth employment. The question of the hour. Probably one of the biggest questions of the new century, and major concern of the governments of this world.

No need for statistics on youth unemployment or scholarly studies on employment policies. The state of the world, the turmoil besetting our region, the aspirations of our societies place these issues at the forefront of social and political agendas.

Many of youth employment policies designed here and there, have been implemented with varying degrees of success. Many programmes designed to support the creation of enterprises by the young have emerged, with their share of successes and disappointments. But together, these initiatives are struggling to provide meaningful results, here and now, in a world where uncertainty has become the key parameter.

Pending the emergence of vibrant ecosystems, young people, contrary to what is believed, have business projects in mind and are willing to take charge. What to do in these conditions? Wait for hypothetical favorable ecosystems? Or, somehow, help the young entrepreneur to overcome difficulties, spread the culture of voluntarism and expand the scope of success stories?

It is this second choice that was made by the Young Entrepreneur Foundation and in its desire to contribute to resolving the thorny issue of youth unemployment, it designed a process of substantial business creation by young people. Capitalizing on its vast experience in supporting youth in rural and disadvantaged areas to develop their businesses, the Young Entrepreneur Foundation designed and is organizing Med Lab Entrepreneurship Forum.

This process relies on the matching of supply and demand in supporting the creation and development of enterprises.

For more information about the detailed concept, objectives, partners, support institutions, rules for participation, please visit www.medlab.ma




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